Mini Creative Paper or Project on a Visual Representation of Mythology (All sources must be credited in the body and at the end of the paper or project)

The guidelines and requirements for this paper or project are very loosely structured, since each paper or project will be unique. You will have the opportunity to explore the visual aspects of myth by creating a project or writing a paper focused on a mythological topic of your choice. Your assignment may focus on one specific art work or film, OR you might want to choose a theme from myth and legend (examples: mermaids in Victorian painting, the lore of unicorns, holiday characters such as Jack-o-Lanterns, Santa Claus, the Easter Rabbit and its history, the Tooth Fairy, etc.) and approach its role in visual arts and cultural customs. You might choose to make the focus of your short paper a film based on a mythological theme. Examples include Troy, Thor, Camelot, Brother Where Art Thou, Clash of the Titans, The Matrix, Star Wars, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the X Men, Disneys Hercules, etc. Hundreds of films and thousands of paintings, sculptural pieces and decorative arts have been created with a myth as its basis.
A short paper or project examining how the creator of the work of art interpreted the myth will be your assignment. If you are going to write a short paper on a film or visual artwork, the paper must be 2 full pages minimum in length plus a Works Cited page if sources are used. Sources must be credited in the body of the paper after direct quotes and paraphrases. It is important to discuss how the artist or filmmaker interpreted the myth and how the artwork you have selected Has been modified from the original myth.
If you are going to create an art project, please submit digital photos to the assignment area. Sources must also be credited for projects, if any are used. If you create a powerpoint presentation, please list your sources for information and images on a slide at the end of the presentation.
Past students have made collages, clay figures, metal and wood objects, jewelry, power point presentations, and ornamented boxes. For example, students have made Pandoras box, Thors Hammer, original creations depicting Creation Myths, etc. I want you to have fun with this project as you explore the importance of myth in the visual world. Please e-mail me when you have an idea what you would like to do for your assignment. Thank you!

Pandora Box is also an option…
MERMAIDS was what I was thinking
For this project, a visual element should be incorporated. So, for example, if you write about the history or lore of mermaids, you could incorporate and discuss one or two significant mermaid art pieces into your discussion (for example, the Mermaid by Waterhouse or the statue of the Little Mermaid in Denmark).