Motivating Adults

Your consulting firm has been awarded a contract to deliver professional development to a group of mid-level managers. The setting is a 2-day workshop located in a resort area with all available technological capabilities. The title of the workshop is Motivating the Adult Learner.
Research regarding the motivation of learners has produced a number of theories that claim to enhance motivation. Much of the research has been specifically targeted to motivating adults and to self-motivation. Your purpose as a team of experts is to create an instructional designers guide that will serve as the basis for content for the course and as the basis for the design of the coursework.

* After reviewing several sources regarding motivating adult learners, present a paper as a team that outlines specific techniques for motivating the adult learner that should be used by the workshop designers.
* Be sure to include viewpoints and practical applications that address self-motivation and internal motivation, and relate the motivation concepts to andragogical theory.
* Relate the concept of motivation, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, to the creation of associated learning objectives using the Krathwohl affective domain as a framework.
* You may use charts, graphs, and tables.
use citations and references in your work using the APA reference format.