Monoprix Crisis Research Project

Following the crisis, Monoprix wants to revise its in store retail signage (Key messages, communication mediums, message intensity/frequency).

You will develop a benchmark of multichannel processing and service in Asia, USA, Scandinavia, and London, to suggest new ideas.

1. Signage in store what do they do abroad?

2. Signage linked to media what support/formats should be used?

a. Best practices digital vs non digital

b. Key messages

c. Permanence what stays, what is changing

d. Benchmarks with US and Asia, Nordics, France outside the retail industry

e. How to make it feel different each time every 9/10 days with their campaigns

3. Role of senses smell and sound

For this activity, you must:

Write an outline of the monoprix crisis research project with 1 or 2 paragraphs:
excluding the Executive Summary.
Write an introduction for a research plan that includes the following components:
Background of the problem
Research questions to address the problem
A brief literature review summarizing the existing research on the topic