Mia’s Muffins Final Case

With this final assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to develop a staffing strategy, and an applied model, based on the nature of the employment relationship adopted by the organization. This project will also assess your ability to differentiate between internal and external recruitment, and develop assessment methods, accordingly. It will also show if you are able to demonstrate the appropriate use of quantitative methods to assess job candidates in accordance with internal and external selection methods.

Submit your final course assignment in PowerPoint format. Your presentation should include a Recruitment and Selection Plan for Mias Muffins. Its purpose is to make recommendations for a recruitment and selection system.

It should be no less than 10, and no longer than 15 slides. This excludes the Title and References slides, with at least 5 outside sources aside from the text.

It should include the following content:

Recommendations for:
Job Analysis & Why Job Descriptions are important
Recruitment Plan both Internal and External for front customer service positions
Include Recruitment Sources and Type of Recruitment Message
Type of selection predictors. If including interview, structured or unstructured?
Support, including validity correlation coefficients, and an explanation of why Mia should care about validity…
Type of scoring system used and/or how to combine the selection predictors recommended
APA style reference page