Mental Status Assessment [Originality Check]

The Mental Status Examination (opens in a new window) is a standard set of categories used by practitioners in testing clients in the areas of cognitive function, thought processes, insight, judgment, and appearance among other factors.
Assignment Instructions
Formulate your own set of interview questions that would evaluate a client along with the categories that are part of a mental status examination.
Address the following in a written reflection that includes the questions you suggest for the examination.
o Discuss the fairness of the questions asked, how they are composed.
o Discuss whether the questions could validly measure what they intend to measure.
o Cite at least one source to support your responses.
Assignment Requirements
A set of questions for an intake questionnaire that would gather information needed to get a complete history and background of a client and relatives.
Addresses the following prompts in a written reflection:
o How an intake questionnaire might gather information about wellness.
o How psychological theory helps shape questions or instruments that measure psychological, emotional, social wellness, physical health, or personality.
Cites at least one source to support your responses.