Meningitis Disease

Topic Meningitis Disease

For the format of the pamphlet, see this file attached, It must be a two-page document, trifold, and in landscape layout.

and used the outline attached for the pamphlet.

Cover all required elements
While working on the final draft of the pamphlet, please see Pamphlet Rubric to make sure you cover all the required elements. I noticed that commonly missed elements were; effects of the disease on healthy body functions, risk factors and preventive steps, maintenance of quality of life, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, outcomes and prognosis, and current and future areas of research. Note that you may not have information on all these required elements. For example, if your topic is a rare genetically inherited disease, then the risk factor maybe unknown (it’s genetically inherited but other risk factors might be unknown) and it cannot be prevented. If you have done enough research and you conclude that there is not enough information on certain required elements, you still state it “gracefully.” In other words, do not just write “I couldn’t find information” but state it as if it would appear on a pamphlet that you’d see at your doctor’s office. ๐Ÿ™‚
1) References should be listed on a separate page that does not count toward the required length of the paper.
2) The syllabus lists some requirements of the references:
You must use at least five references from credible, scientifically rigorous sources and cite them using American Psychological Association (APA) style. Two or more references should be from the UMGC Library. The references cited should be no older than seven years.