The student will demonstrate a case study in written form. This case study is of a clinic setting client you personally assessed this semester and for whom you and your preceptor developed a diagnosis or diagnoses and implemented a plan of care. You should select a client who was seen with a focused problem, not a problem that required a comprehensive exam or a well-visit. It would be ideal if it is a patient you had seen more than once to follow-up, if possible. When selecting a client to use for the paper, choose a case that is not too simple such as pharyngitis, rash. It needs to be HTN, CAD, Asthma, Arthritic Disorders, Diabetes etc. It is best to confirm your choice of topic for complexity with your instructor.

Remove all elements of the clients identity. Provide the history & physical in a SOAP format. This must be individualized for your patient including the pertinent positives and negatives. Do not copy and paste a template or prior used H & P as this is not original work by you and is a violation of academic integrity. Research the scholarly literature for the current evaluation and management approach and incorporate evidence-based practice into the assignment. Completing a RAP session with the library will assist your research process. The case study should reflect a holistic approach to the care of the client (i.e. family, cultural beliefs, developmental). Discussions with consultants should be included if applicable. Incorporate current accepted clinical guidelines and provide citations where guidelines are available. The case study should be no longer than 7 pages, excluding title page and references. Use the guidelines and rubric to construct your paper.

This is a made up client so all identifiers can be made up. Just needs to include a potential patient with lupus