Lowering allowable blood alcohol limit to .05

The research project is being assigned in order for you to develop skills in: gathering information from credible sources and critically analyzing those sources of information for validity. The project further seeks to develop your skills integrating those sources with your own ideas, without plagiarizing,into a unified paper that seeks to persuade. In addition, the paper is meant to familiarize you with and solidify your ability correctly utilize MLA documentation procedures.The paper must be an argument or persuasive paper; therefore, your topic must be one which is controversial in some manner, or one that allows for opposing viewpoints. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have an argumentative topic, write out your thesis and then take the opposite stance. If you can see that some people would defend one thesis and some people would defend the opposite thesis, then you have a debatable topic. I would prefer that the paper be based on some issue currently in the news; however, that is not necessary. If you should have a topic in mind that is contemporary, and which is debatable, I will consider it for this paper. This is a formal, academic paper. As such, the paper should be void of contractions and slang, should use appropriate diction, and should be written at a knowledge level that is appropriate for your intended audience.
Typed double-spaced in 11 pt.
Calibri or similar font.
You must use at least five sources; three of those must be non-internet sources, two from the schools databases.
The paper must follow MLA Documentation guidelines including in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
The paper must include a formal outline, topic or sentence, and a title page.
At the end of the paper, in a single sentence, you must state your audience.