Logistics Coordinator

You are to develop a position provided by the HR Department Professional, or one approved by your instructor by completing these nine steps. There are questions at the end of each step. Answer each question in one or two sentences in a word document.
Job Analysis
Job Description
Job Evaluation
A Point-Factor Method of Job Evaluation
Surveying Market Pay and Compensation Practices
Designing A Base Pay Structure
Team-Based Pay
Measuring and Paying for Performance)

Part B Overview
Task: Design a Compensation System.
Follow up: Complete these six steps to develop your compensation system. The regression analysis can be done in Excel, or some other appropriate software (SPSS, etc.).
Get a sample of jobs in a job family
Analyze those jobs for their relevant KSABs
Score those jobs appropriately.
Regress the scores against salary data.
Write an analysis of your results.