letter statement to dispute my tuition charge.

This paper doesn’t require any source. It is just a letter statement in which you have write a letter to the tuition committee board of my college and let them know about the circumstances that had lead me to dropped all of classes. In the letter, please convince the Committee board so that they can remove the charges from my account. Please be realistic. tell them that even though the semester was half way around, death is something that no one can control. tell them the best of words that can really made them remove the hold. please help me write the best paper for me. Thank You.

I will send you my previous conversations with the tuition committee board at my college and you can use that to help you write the best statement for me. Please know that I want and expertise to write this letter statement for me because I don’t want to lose my case for the second time. I want to win, so help me.

please for God sake, try and touch all the areas of the evidences starting from my aunt death to my brothers Coronavirus and how the Coronavirus impacted my education. Do not rush. write it with excellence but need it as soon as possible.