“Letter 55”: Cavendish Supports Change

-original and interesting ideas
-clear expression
-minimum of 4 pages in length
-12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced
-MLA format and Works Cited page (cite all your sources)
-references at least one academic resource (journal article or book) that you have found on your own
-do not write about ethos, logos, and pathos
-assume that the reader of your essay is familiar with the essay you are analyzing, but do not assume that your reader is familiar with your research
-use the present tense when discussing the content of a text; use the past tense when discussing historical events outside of what the text says
-keep in mind that your thesis will be your answer to all the questions from the assigned essay topic you have selected
-focus on the keywords from the assigned essay topic

Each one of the essay topics below mentions rhetoricif you do not know what this word means, you should spend some time researching rhetoric and then citing this research in your essay.

A rhetorical strategy is a plan that a writer/speaker has for convincing their audience to agree with the argument that is being made. Do not confuse the rhetorical strategy with the argumentthey are not the same thing.

In Letter 55, does Margaret Cavendish prove to be a conservative who supports the social structure of her society, or does she prove to be a liberal who is criticizing the social structure and wishing for a different structure? In other words, what are her views on the social structure of her society, and what rhetorical strategy does her argument employ? Analyze specific parts of her letter to answer these questions. (Hint: good writing avoids the use of clichsin other words, please do not argue that money can not buy happiness or that the poor are happier than the wealthy.)