1. Introduction (4-5 pages)
define leadership as voluntary, interactive and involves substantial change and tie it to topic
communication goes both ways. reference rost and kotter.
takes leaders and followers to go both ways

2. Problem statement/research question (
expand on why this is an important statement or question and how it relates to your definition of leadership.

3. Literature Review (15-20 pages)
demonstrate knowledge of material already written

4. Propositions and Discussion (7-10 pages)
prop#1: one sentence. i.e. leadership has to involve change. sentence that answers the question or problem. review literature on that
in the discussion section, dont review any new literature. discuss the literature that youve already reviewed. your thinking of the literature
prop#2: one sentence.
prop#3: one sentence.

5. Conclusion (1.5 pages)
align with the introduction and cover the same material.