Law Dissertation- Topic interested in Intellectual Properties (Patent)

Three stages
Proposal (Deadline July 29, 2020)
Intermediate (Drafts of Chapters) &
Final (the Completed Dissertation)

Stage One- (Deadline- July 29, 2020)
The dissertation requires formal proposal approval with following instruction-

The formal proposal should consist of an introduction as to how and why the particular topic was chosen, a literature review of the subject area and a plan. In total, this should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

The proposal of the dissertation thesis will be to either:
a) approve the proposal and permit you to proceed to the next stage of the process or
b) request clarification or revision or amendment of the proposal and re-submission.

Stage Two- after proposal approved (September 10)
The aim of this assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding and legal skills in undertaking legal research, undertaking analysis of legal texts, reasoning skills, presenting research, and very importantly the ability to reference appropriately using the OSCOLA method

The 15,000 word count includes the body of the work (i.e. the main text), within which all the learning outcomes should be demonstrated, but excludes:
References/ Bibliographies
Tables and the title of tables

Note: Quotations should not normally be more than three lines of text, and are included in the wordage. Appendices should only be included where necessary and should not be used as an alternative location for the demonstration of learning outcomes, as the main body of the work should stand alone.

Stage Three- Final (Complete Dissertation) (Deadline by October 31, 2020)