Kazuo Ishiguros Novel Never Let Me Go English Literature Essay

Please watch this video with Ishiguro talking about his purpose behind Never Let Me Go:

Kazuo Ishiguro discusses his intention behind writing the novel, Never Let Me Go (Links to an external site.)
In an interview a few years ago, Ishiguro talked about Never Let Me Go and said, There are things I am more interested in than the clone thing. How are they [Kath and her friends] trying to find their place in the world and make sense of their lives? To what extent can they transcend their fate? As time starts to run out, what are the things that really matter? Most of the things that concern them concern us all, but with them it is concertinaed into this relatively short period of time. These are things that really interest me. In essence, Ishiguro is claiming that the main focus of his book was not a statement on cloning, but the characters lives, their relationships, and the importance of love.
Write an essay in which you argue that main theme of the Never Let Me Go is about the ethics of cloning, despite Ishiguros own claim, OR, on the other hand, argue that the main theme is about friendships, adolescence, and the need for love; in other words, you are arguing that this story is about the trials and tribulations of being humans, being mortals.
Please have a clear thesis statement
You must use at least 4 direct quotes from the reading to support your ideas
The essay should be 4+ pages