Complete the IPO chart (10 points). Write the Pseudocode (90 Points).
You are to calculate the property tax for tax payers. You will ask the county tax clerk if they want to run the program and initiate a loop that runs the program if the county clerk inputs a 1. When the county clerk chooses to run the program, you will ask the county tax clerk to input the lot number and assessed value of the house. Each property is taxed at a rate of 5% of the assessed value. The program will end when the county clerk enters a value of 0 when prompted by your program to either run the program again or quit.
Use a while loop to validate the lot number to make sure that it falls between the range of 0 and 999999. When the clerk enters an invalid lot number, display a message that echoes the invalid number entered, and a reminder of the value range of numbers for a lot number.
You are to print the lot number, assessed value, and property tax. After the program ends, display the total assessed values, and property taxes calculated, and average property tax
Sample test data for input looks like this. Just remember that your solution should work for any property not only these properties.
Lot Number Assessed Value
10000 250,000
100000 1,000,000
22222 500,000
99999 100,000
900000 2,000,000

The sample report that is output is seen below. Just remember that your solution should work for any tax payer and not only these tax payers.
Lot Number Assessed Value Property Tax
10000 250,000 12,500
100000 1,000,000 50,000
22222 500,000 25,000
99999 100,000 5,000
900000 2,000,000 100,000

Total Assessed Values 3,850,000
Total Property Taxes 192,500
Average Property Tax 38,500

Methods are not required but if you use them, they will be graded for accuracy.