Is our food safe? Food additives in the McDonald’s menu

You fulfill the abstract. You made the decision to research and create an argument, this paper is the delivery. In order to achieve at least an A, it needs to be over 16 complete pages. It needs to have a work cited page that reflects an appropriate subject list and development of the information in the essay. 16 pages, Works Cited Page, MLA format, include a title (may be refined/revised from abstract). You will not get feedback, besides the assessment grade for this, because after you turn it in, it is too late for you to make changes. You are working on writing this essay the entire semester. You will submit a finalized version no later than the final deadline listed in the Canvas platform. The paper must show evolution and revision. Your essay will be compared through a Plagiarism checker. If your similarity is more than 15% of your paper, you will not receive a passing grade. If you even think you are going to be on the edge, you should turn your work in early to obtain the percentage, and then revise it and resubmit it by the deadline with the corrections showing. At this phase in the academic writing game, you should be able to limit yourself to 15% of text quoted, which is a general academic standard.