Is it a good idea for first time college students to take online classes

Write an 800-1000 word argument taking a position on whether it’s a good idea for new college students to take online classes. Your main intended audience for this argument is students who will enter college for the first time this fall, but consider their friends and family and other interested parties who might be advising them to also be part of your audience. Use your own experience, the observations you’ve made of your classmates, and (if you want) any of the articles from the previous essay as sources.

Final Draft Formatting Guidelines:

You must upload your final draft as one of the accepted file types (Microsoft Word document, PDF, Rich Text Format, or Open Document Text).
Please double-space your document.
Include an original and relevant title at the beginning of the essay.
Please use a professional/businesslike font – no script or decorative fonts.
Please use a normal-sized font – something in the range of 10-14 should be fine.
Please stick with normal margins; your default settings should be fine.
There are no other formatting requirements! Please do not waste your time and energy worrying about headings, page numbers, etc.