Interdisciplinary Assignment

Part 1: Re-create Table 5.1 on page 141 of the Repko & Szostak text. You may use any program or tool you prefer to create the table, but it should be populated using at least 5 of the sources you plan to cite in your term paper. Do your best to populate each of the table’s nine columns for each of the sources you include.

Part 2: Illustrate the theory, common ground or core disagreement between the disciplines you’re working with for your topic. You might do this with a meme, an equation, an animation (like the pandas in this week’s short video explanation), a flow chart, a collage, a comic, or a cartoon. Basically, you are creating a kind of visual model of the concepts guiding your research. You can create it yourself or locate an image online (give credit). Then, you should explain why this image describes the disagreement or grounds behind your research. This exercise should help you think abstractly about the common grounds or disagreements in your disciplines while imagining a way these might be argued out in the real world. You know your topic better than I do, so this assignment isn’t graded on the grounds or disagreements you identify but on how you depict that in an illustrative way.