Integrating Curriculum

In this assignment, you will select a science or sensory activity and use it as a catalyst for the design of a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum unit. You will develop an introductory paper for the integrated unit.

Create a Word document for your response.
Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations. Use a minimum of three references, no older than 10 years, cited in APA format to support your introductory paper and integrated curriculum unit.
Follow the directions and submit your Word document. Include the introductory paper and integrated teaching template in one submission.

Step 1.
Choose a science or sensory activity from the readings or an outside source.

Step 2.
Write a one-page introductory paper in which you describe the age group and activity. Explain (1) why the activity is appropriate to the age group (2) the state or national standards to which the unit aligns, and (3) how you will use the activity as the catalyst for the development of an integrated curriculum unit.

Step 3.
Identify additional activities and resources to be used in conjunction with the activity to create an integrated unit addressing the following areas: science or sensory development, language and literacy, mathematics and number sense, cognition/logical reasoning, physical development, and social/emotional development.

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Step 4.
Determine a format for your unit. More information and example templates can are available from the Nebraska Department of Education website (

Step 5.
In a conclusion section of 2-3, well-developed paragraphs, explain how you will involve parents and families of students in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the unit.