Information Sharing

Future supply chains will be even more complex than they are today. Supply chain managers will need to work out the best ways to collaborate effectively within supply chains. This will be based on multi-stakeholder information sharing with key stakeholders like customers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. There is a need for open information sharing to meet the ever-growing and dynamic consumer needs.
Mehrotra’s (2011) article ‘The role of information sharing in global supply chain operations’ explains that exchanging information within global supply chain operations has a number of advantages. Considering an organisation of your choice, what are some of the disadvantages of information sharing in its global supply chain? How can an organisation overcome these shortcomings to achieve an effective collaborative supply chain?


Please write this short essay on a healthcare supply chain.
Learners are required to search at least 2 or 3 academic articles and identify all sources/sites used.