In 7501500 words, argue for a position related to any of the topics or readings covered during weeks 46.

In 7501500 words, argue for a position related to any of the topics or readings covered during weeks 46. Here’s a rubricPreview the document (note: it’s different from the other ones).

Suggested essay questions:

Is it possible to fairly use algorithms to make decisions about things like college admissions, job hiring, criminal risk assessments, etc.? Why or why not?
Do tech companies have a social responsibility to reduce or eliminate biased algorithms, even if it is expensive to do so? Why or why not?
Are social media companies responsible to design their products to benefit society? Why or why not?
Can social media improve our lives? If so, how should we use social media so that it improves our lives? What dangers and risks do we need to avoid and how?
Are recombination techniques like sampling, mashups, etc. inherently less artistic than completely original work? Why or why not?
Can sounds, images, and words created entirely by a computer be considered music, painting, or poetry? Why or why not?
Are technology-driven art forms (e.g. electronic music, video games, singing using voice synthesizers, acting using virtual actors, etc.) as artistic as their organic and analog counterparts? Why or why not?
How does technology affect our aesthetic experience of the world and what should we do about it? Some examples worth considering: (a) how social media photo and video apps like Instagram and YouTube have affected not only the design of physical spaces but our behavior as consumers (b) Pokmon Go and other augmented reality apps/games (c) notifications and ads tied to geolocation data (d) cellular dead zones in remote locations, such as national parks.
Make sure to include:

A thesis that (a) takes a clear position and (b) offers a rationale for the position
Claims, explanations, and examples that support the thesis
A counterargument that contains (1) and (2) above
A rebuttal that contains (1) and (2) above

Whenever you make a claim, always ask: what definitions, reasons, explanations, and examples support the claim?
Use section headings
Feel free to use images, tables, lists, formulas, etc. wherever appropriate