Hypothesis Development

This will be a RESEARCH PROPOSAL PAPER, which will be graded as a final group Project. The research paper will be in total of 15-16 pages and after dividing the workload with my group, I am assigned to complete the hypothesis development part of the research paper, therefore I need you to complete the hypothesis. The class is about Consumer Behavior, marketing. I have attached a word document with the detailed instructions as Consumer Behavior, Research Proposal instructions, I have also attached 8 articles that I found and did attach also some PowerPoint slides from my lectures so you can use the terminology.

In the word document you will see the detailed structure of the paper, my personal notes for you and some instructions from my professor for the paper. Please analyze the word document and follow my instructions PRECISELY before starting the paper.

You will also find the structure of the whole paper in the word document so you can have a better for writing the hypothesis. Please create a hypothesis that can be connected to the other parts of the paper. The research idea and our Hypothesis 1 and H2 are included again in the word document. Please write the hypothesis development part according to our Research Idea and the 2 Hypothesis we created. For the whole paper, we need to use 60 articles as references and for the hypothesis part I am assigned to find 8 articles, my other friend will write the other half of the hypothesis and she will use 6 articles. We are not required to read the whole articles, but just the ABSTRACTS to use them to support our arguments and to give background information. Please analyze and argue the sources and connect it to our research idea. Please do IN-TEXT CITATIONS, like in the example and support your arguments and use the sources to give background information.

Please also create a references page in APA after you finish the introduction where I will add them after to the true references page of the research paper. Please be original and be careful with PLAGIARISM, this paper will be submitted to Turnitin, so PLEASE DO NOT submit it anywhere to check something (Once a writer submitted to Turnitin to check before I did and then when I submitted it I had a 95% similarity…) Thank you very much for your effort!