HumanRon, HumanRon, Human Capital Management- Data Center Security

The sufficiently detailed review of at least three additional third-party works, a list of all project goals and objectives and whether or not they were met, a timeline of all key project milestones and their actual completion dates, and at least one in-text citation for each listed source are not readily evident. Revisions of the responses to several task prompts, including Review of Other Work, are needed to meet requirements.

Please edit this paper with the instructions below. Create, add, alter or include material/information to meet all the requirements. The initial paper will be attached.

1. The submission reviews data center implementation results from Google and Banta. The works are presented in limited detail and a third additional outside work to support the project’s implementation cannot be located. Please provide sufficiently detailed reviews of at least three additional works.

2. The submission states that all goals and deliverables were completed on time. A list of all goals and objectives and summaries of whether or not they were met cannot be located.

3. The submission explains the work performed broken down by week. A list of all key project milestones with a corresponding actual completion date cannot be located.

4. Sources have been directly quoted or paraphrased in this submission, and a reference list is present. In-text citations could not be found for portions of the task that have been quoted or paraphrased. At least one in text citation for each listed source cannot be located.