How to create more jobs in a fast-changing Middle East


Read the article below:

Write a report on the subject above : How to create more jobs in a fast-changing Middle East

1. Below is the general guideline for report writing (the paragraph and subparagraph can be extended according to the needs. Figures and tables may be also included into the report)
a. Starts the report with complete report title, and the link:
1st paragraph
b. Write about what this article is all about in terms of the concepts/ issues being studied:
2nd paragraph
c. Write about the focus of the issues and why this issue is important to be addressed:
3rd 4th paragraph
d. Provide recommendations and implications from your critical perspectives relate to general HRM function/s
5th 6th paragraph
e. How the discussed recommendations and implications relevant to UAE policy, strategic plans, culture and environment:
7th 8th paragraph.
2. This write-up will require sufficient number of references to support your justifications and judgments from multiple sources such as journal articles, newspapers, etc
3. Minimum number of journal article references is five (5) from reputable journal between year 2017 and 2020.