How Sexuality and Gender Portrayed in Childrens Media

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Here is a copy of the research proposal

The research paper aims at assessing the depiction of gender and sexuality in various forms of media like television, video games, and music. It is necessary to look at the issues, especially since the world is becoming increasingly open about the topics. However, since people spend large amounts of time interacting with media, it is necessary to question how damaging or beneficial their representations of different people are; the paper should cover gender and sexuality with a specific focus on younger people. It is relevant to assess the topic with children because their surroundings considerably influence their behavior and mindsets.
The project will comprise the most famous creators of children’s media; the creators include production studios, television channels, and video game creators. From the individual pieces, that is, games, television shows, and movies, the project will consider three criteria. It will compare the complexity of the characters with respect to their genders and sexuality; the complexity will account for their influence in the piece, and how much focus they draw. The project will also look at the integration of complex lesbian, gay and transgender characters. The third aspect will be the ratios of the characters; it will include the ratio between queer and straight characters, plus the ratio between female and male characters. This project will then compare the results to real-life values, such as the ratio of males to females in the cast, and the ratio in real life. After comparison, the research should develop an informed conclusion about whether or not children’s media provides a realistic representation of gender and sexuality in society.