How government supports impact the development of Sharing Economy?

Doctorate research proposal writing…

To write up a research proposal of about 5000 words. The following is a generic structure that may follow or a different structure if that suits the paper better.

Provide a specific title of the proposal that contains key constructs of the study.

Clearly state what the research question is; identify the domain in which you wish to present your argument (business context, region); on the basis of your knowledge and experience, list out one main research question you want to address in the study.

Given the research question, state the objectives of the study.

Highlight and discuss all the plausible theoretical and practical contributions you will make by conducting the study.

Provide a critical literature review that covers what has been studied by far and what has not been adequately studied. Identify and discuss the research gap(s) that are related to your study.

On the basis of the literature review and your understanding of the field of the chosen topic, propose a research model that depicts the hypotheses to be tested.

Use the literature review to build strong arguments that lead to the hypotheses.

Prepare a research design that involves sampling method, selection of respondents, research time frame, sample size, data collection method, and procedures of data collection.

Project the pattern of results for each of the proposed hypotheses.

Draw conclusions of the study.

Ensure that all sources of primary and secondary data are appropriately referenced and acknowledged. Ensure to quote from the contributions of others. As a general practice, every piece of literature listed should have been cited in the content of the report, which can be traced with proper citation.

Use tables, graphs and appendices to provide factual evidence in support of your findings. These are not included in the word count.

More detail instructions will be available when the order is confirmed.