How do you think any sentence levied against Jamie will meet the basic principles of restorative justice?

This benchmark assignment explores the Criminal Justice aspects of Administration of Justice, Criminological theory and Law Enforcement. Ensure your essays speak to these aspects.

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3. Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it.

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1. Explain some of the common trends and possible future changes that could occur in the juvenile justice system in the next 50 years. Include which ones you agree with, and why.

2. There are many arguments for and against abolishing the juvenile justice system. Compare these arguments, decide which side you are on, and write your conclusions.

3. Outline the parameters, goals, and impact of the J.O.L.T. (Juvenile Offenders Learning Tolerance) program as a part of the Hate Crimes Suppression Unit founded by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

4. Jamie is a 14-year-old junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. She tries to maintain good grades, but usually is satised with a C average in most of her course work. She has no real plans for college and really doesnt know what she wants to do with her life. Her mom and dad are divorced and she lives with her mother and two brothers. Jamie has several girlfriends, but no steady boyfriends. She is not active in extracurricular school events, but does attend the nearby Baptist Church where she engages in various youth activities. Last week, Jamie and one of her girlfriends were arrested for shoplifting. They were caught placing two Britney Spears CDs in their purses. When questioned by store security, Jamie contended that this was her rst time ever being in trouble, and that it was her girlfriends idea to steal the CDs. She says she is sorry and that it will never happen again. During most of the interview with store security, Jamie and her friend were visibly shaken and crying. She has been referred to the local teen court where you serve as the judge.

a. What do you think is the best punishment or treatment strategy for Jamie? Why?

b. Should ofcials at her school and church be notied that she has been arrested for shoplifting? Why or why not?

c. How do you think any sentence levied against Jamie will meet the basic principles of restorative justice?

d. What should be the next steps of adjudication if Jamie is caught shoplifting again?