honor among sportman

You are required to have a paradoxical introduction; therefore, the solution to the paradox is in the conclusion. You are also required to show a subject by subject organization or a point by point organization.

Required introduction for the 2nd essay — the paradoxical introduction. Do not forget your paradoxical introduction. Do not use a question for your introduction. That method was used for your first paper. Instead, provide a paradox. What is a paradox? It is when you have a dox and another dox, then you got a pair of dox. A paradox, actually, provides a contradiction or an irony or something unexpected. The paradox may be a shocking fact or it may show something going against expectation. Remember, the introduction sets up how you will write the conclusion. So, if the following paradox is included in your introduction: “Although Jojo was morbidly obese, he was actively athletic” then your conclusion will include the solution to the paradox: “Jojo was a sumo wrestler.” Be sure to include the full names of the writers and the titles of their stories in quotation marks in your introduction. Write this paper in third person. One of the purposes of introductions is to grab the attention of the reader. (another purpose is to provide the thesis). So you are to grab the attention of your reader. Think of how you manipulated information to grab the attention or to press emotional buttons of family members and friends. So, the most shocking, the better.

Points to write the comparison paper 1) Do not write about the entire stories. That would be painful for both you and me. 2) Instead, focus write about two characters (one character in one story or one character in another story) or about settings (a cantina in one story and a cantina in another story) or character development (character gets well in one story and a character gets well in another story). 3) The stories for you to compare are carefully chosen. However, you do not need to be concerned about interpreting the stories exactly as the instructor. You will need to back yourself up. 4) Upon rereading the two stories, see the comparison. Focus on that comparison. Skip over the other items that do not deal with your focus (such as other characters, other settings, etc.) 5) The stories are short. 6) You are to follow subject by subject or point by point organization. 7) You are to provide a paradoxical introduction.

8) For your conclusion, provide the solution to the paradox found in the introduction. Avoid stating that the stories are evidence about all humans on the planet, but you may state that the stories illustrate some things that are true of some people under certain circumstances.