Healthcare informatics

Part Two:

The ABC Home Health Agency is a nonprofit, Medicare-certified organization that is located in a small Midwestern city. The agency offers a continuum of preventive and therapeutic services that have an individual, family, and community focus. Clinicians provide services to patients ranging in age from infants to elders. The agency employs supervisory, administrative, IT, and support staff as well as 40 clinicians: 20 nurses, 10 home care aides, 5 homemakers, 3 physical therapists, 1 occupational therapist, and 1 social worker. The Agency has a good working relationship with both hospitals and the physicians. Many patients followed by the Agency have been referred from these services. Last year the Agency provided 19,480 home visits. To increase the efficiency of the home visits the agency decided to have a mobile EHR to allow the clinicians to capture sensitive patient information faster and cheaper, with greater accuracy. The board of directors asks you to investigate purchasing a mobile EHR and submit your recommendations to them.

Review the market for mobile EHR software and choose two to present to your stakeholders. Using the scoring matrix, create an RFI with capabilities that you will be looking for in the mobile EHR ranking them from the highest priority to the lowest.
What other IT infrastructure the agency needs to have to secure the use of mobile applications?
Create a PowerPoint presentation that informs your superiors of your findings (510 slides).