Healthcare informatics interview narrative essay

For this assignment, you will arrange an interview with an individual in informatics or clinical health information systems. In addition to the suggested topics listed below, you should be prepared to ask at least five additional questions related to the current use and outlook of healthcare informatics.

There are three assigned APA formatted headings for this essay and they are to be titled as follows: General Information, Summary of Interview, and Acquired Learning. The following information explains what is to be included in the headings.

General Information
Explain why you selected this person to interview. How did you approach the individual to ask for the interview? Was the individual approachable?

Summary of Interview
In a narrative form, describe the information transmitted in answer to your questions. What is your summary of discussion? Do not list the questions and answers or quote the answers, instead describe in your own words what you heard.

Acquired Learning
Explain what you learned from this experience. What are your take aways? Was it difficult to get an appointment? Was the interviewee evasive or forthright? What would you do differently? Did you meet your expectations for this assignment? Was it a positive or a negative experience? Did you expand your knowledge base about informatics?

Points to include in your interview include:

Interviewees prior experience
Education requirement for current position
Interviewees certification(s)
Continuing education required for current position or certification(s)
Interviewees future outlook on current position
The rubric is posted at the end of this assignment description. Please read the rubric before beginning your essay. Prepare a professional essay using APA format and academic writing skills. Start the essay with an introduction and end the essay with a conclusion. Include a rationale for each of the answers in well-drawn paragraphs.

Interview notes:

Education requirement for current position
Bachelors Degree in Healthcare / Informatics / Education / Business or Information System.
Interviewees certification(s)
RN Registered Nursing / IT related degree such as Computer Science.
Vendor Proficiency/ Certification
Epic : ASAP ( Emergency dept), Stork (OB/GYN), Ambulatory (outpatient), Inpatient Clindoc (nursing focused), etc
Continuing education required for current position or certification(s)
Epic : take application essentials and booster training every five years.
Interviewees future outlook on current position
From nursing informatic analyst ( focus bedside nursing and healthcare information system evaluation) may go up to developer, administration, education and research. Then can bridge to clinical informatics focusing clinical practices and pt care plans