Health Promotion

Essay of 2,500 words on developing a health promotion campaign.

Your task is to choose ONE health promotion topic from the following public health challenges
Vaccine campaign
and devise a health promotion campaign around your chosen area. You will define the locality (which could be community or city or country wide) and include a critical appraisal of the following areas: –
evidence of need
health promotion theory and model(s) employed
methods of evaluation

You will need to carry out a literature search to identify appropriate references that will help you justify and critically appraise your methodology, choice of health promotion topic and the health promotion theory and models that will underpin the campaign. It is recommended that you choose a locality with which you are familiar through research, practice or residency.

The word limit for the essay is 2,500 words ( 10%). This does not include words that make up the reference list, the citations within the essay document and any tables or diagrams. References must be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the essay and citations must be written in the text using the author(s) surname(s) and year of publication.

In particular your essay will be assessed on: –
Critical appraisal of the evidence that justifies the methodology(ies) chosen
Provide reasoned discussion that explains why you have chosen this area and the prospective impact on the population.

Please submit this assignment as a WORD document using Arial 12 font with 1.5 line spacing.