Health Promoting Intervention

APA with 3 reference within five years. Intervention on diabetic and their diet control. Below are the instructions and rubric. I have attached files for the agency that I did hours at with the contact information of the staff.

Health Promoting Intervention Instructions
The purpose of this assignment to:

Identify a priority problem at the student’s selected community agency that affects the health of the identified target population.
Develop a health-promoting intervention in collaboration with agency personnel to promote health in the target population.
Implement the health-promoting intervention at the community agency.
Evaluate the results of the health-promoting intervention.
This assignment will assist the student to meet the following course objectives and Program Student Learning Outcomes (in parenthesis):

Utilize credible resources for health promotion and disease prevention standards and guidelines. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4, 5,& 6)
Discuss key concepts of public health. (Student Learning Outcomes 2, 5)
Examine comprehensive contributing elements including physiological, psychosocial, and socio-economic factors that impact individual, family, and population health. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, & 8)
Apply behavioral change strategies for individuals, families, and populations.(Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6)
Synthesize assessment data to develop a culturally-sensitive comprehensive health promotion plan for individuals, families, and populations using evidence-based recommendations, information, and strategies. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8)
This is an evidence-based individual project that addresses an issue identified in the Community Assessment. Students will work independently on this assignment.

Plan a project to meet community agency needs: Work with an agency representative to identify a health promotion need that can be addressed during the semester. The need addressed may focus on the population served, agency staff, or the agency itself. The project may take many forms but must be developed by the student. Be innovative. Incorporate evidence-based information and community resources in developing the project and include measurable program outcomes for the intervention. The student may not have time to actually measure the outcomes during the time frame of this course but will discuss the anticipated results and how the results of the project could be measured. If the student was going to be at the agency for a year, how would the student measure the outcomes.

Implement the plan: Carry out the planned intervention (project) in the allotted time frame. Inform the professor of the scheduled time and location for the planned intervention. The target date should be part of the planning process. The Health Promoting Intervention must be designed and implemented. This is an objective for this course. If a student does not plan and implement the Health Promoting Intervention assignment, a grade of zero will be awarded for the assignment and the student will receive an “F” in the course as the purpose of this course and the objectives for it have not been met.

Evaluate the implementation of the project: Assess the implementation process and outcome of it. Some things to consider:

How did the actual implementation of the project go?
Were project objectives achieved?
What aspects were successful and what were some of the challenges?
What revisions does the student suggest if this project is implemented again in the future?
Outcomes: Think about what outcomes the student would measure and how he/she would determine the success of this intervention if he/she had the time to follow it through. The student needs to think about these as he/she is developing the project. The student will need to discuss these in the paper even though he/she may not be actually measuring them.

Paper Summarizing the Project/Experience: The student will compose a paper to summarize the project and the experience. This will be a formal paper written in APA format. It should include a title page and references as well as an introduction and conclusion. Turn in a paper that includes:

an introduction
background information (the agency, target population, why this project was selected)
a description of the actual project
copy of materials used (PowerPoints, pamphlets, pictures of a product, etc.)
the evaluation of implementation process and outcomes
identification of what outcomes would be measured and how if there was time to follow this project longer
a reflection of this project and the experience addressing both personal and professional impact and growth
the reference list
There is no template for this assignment due to the diverse nature the projects can take. Use the grading rubric for level headings to address each grading criteria. The supplemental materials for the project (pictures, pamphlets, brochures, surveys, etc.) may be inserted in the paper in the section for the project resources, attached at the end, or uploaded separately (in the case of a PowerPoint). If they are uploaded separately, please leave a comment so the instructor knows to look for them as a separate upload.

Each student will upload his/her paper to the proper Assignment Inbox for this assignment.

Again, the Health Promoting Intervention must be implemented. This is an objective for this course. If a student does not plan and implement the Health Promoting Intervention assignment, a grade of zero will be awarded for the assignment and the student will receive an “F” in the course as the purpose of this course and the objectives for it have not been met.

The submission will automatically be run through the Turn It In program upon submission. This program checks submissions for similarity or plagiarism. This is a common program used by many Universities and Colleges. To maintain the student’s privacy, he/she may submit is/her paper without a name on the title page. It will be submitted in the student’s Assignment Inbox so it will be known that it is the student’s paper.

Health Promoting Intervention Grading Rubric
5.0 pts
Full Marks
Well written, comprehensive introduction provides clear understanding of the health promoting intervention project. Details of implementation site and target population are present.

15.0 pts
Full Marks
Describes clearly in detail how a need was identified as well as how the project to be developed was determined. Research providing supporting documentation of need and/or appropriateness of intervention is present, current, and appropriate.

Project Description
10.0 pts
Full Marks
A clear and detailed description of project and its implementation is provided. The project is appropriate and well thought out and designed.

Project Description
Supplemental materials
10.0 pts
Full Marks
Supplemental materials (pictures, copies of handouts, PowerPoint, etc) used with the project are comprehensive, appropriate for the project, reflect accurate information, and appear professional.

Assessment of Implementation
10.0 pts
Full Marks
The actual implementation of project is clearly and completely discussed including challenges and/or barriers as well as solutions. Detailed and complete discussion of what went well and what could be modified is included.

10.0 pts
Full Marks
The outcome of project is clearly assessed in detail. Specifics, including how it was received, possibility of continuation, and changes expected as a result of the project are addressed.

5.0 pts
Full Marks
Conclusion is well written, organized and sums up the content presented in the paper.
12.0 pts
Full Marks
Detailed reflection of the experience of this assignment. Includes detailed discussion of feelings, frustrations, what was learned, what surprises arose, and how your practice may change as a results of the experience.