Health Economics Research Paper

Each student will be asked to write a polished original research paper in health economics. The research paper will increase the students critical perspectives, awareness, and knowledge in a course subject area. Each paper will focus on a specific and narrowly defined topic. The topic could be any health economics and decision making topics. It means that it should be course related Students choose the focus of their papers based on their professional and academic interests within the courses context. The paper must be at least 9 pages long including an abstract, with 12-pt font double-spaced, and 1 inch margins all around. The paper should adhere to the American Psychological Association style manual, and must be submitted to the Canvas before the deadline. Here are examples of topic questions, but the chosen topic must be unique and none of the below:
-The Effects of Technology on Healthcare Economics: Reviewing Old and New Technological Advances
-Price Elasticity, Demand, and Supply for Dental Care
-Economic Impact of Tobacco Use and Control in America
-The Importance of Government Intervention in the Healthcare Markets in the U.S.
-Behavioral Economics in the Healthcare Industry
-The Social and Economic Determinants of the Opioids Epidemic

More detailed instructions and grading rubric attached in files