Has social media changed human relationships?

Topic: Has social media changed human relationships?
Research Proposal Requirements:
A research proposal is a written document that communicates the topic you intend to research. The process of creating the proposal serves as a pre-writing activity for your research paper. It also lets you communicate your thinking about your topic for yourself and your audience. Your purpose for writing the research proposal is to formalize your plans for research and present it to your instructor (me) for feedback. In your research proposal you will present the following information:

Which of the five topics have you chosen? A first person I statement can be used for this sentence.
What is a preliminary thesis statement? Keep in mind, this is an argumentative/persuasive essay and each of the topics asks a question. For a preliminary thesis, state your answer to the question, but DO NOT USE a FIRST PERSON I statement. For example, if you choose topic 2Do Chain stores offer benefits to communitiesanswer the question based upon your opinion (opinions will transform into position statements after careful reading and research on the topic)