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Objective: To describe your businesss PLANNING STRATEGIES (BEFORE the business starts adopting
the the model of marketing process ). It must include the followings:
1. Business Name
2. Business Background


Describe your business name and your business scope (products that you plan to market). You may
also include the business mission here (refer Chapter 2)
3. Organizational Structure
4. The Marketplace and Consumer Value
– The environment (SWOT)
– Consumer insights
– Understanding consumer and buyer behavior
5. Designing a Customer Value Driven Marketing Strategy
– Market Segmentation, Target Market
– Value driven marketing strategy value proposition statement
6. Integrated Marketing Mix Strategies
– Product/Services – whats your offering :
o products/services (Describe product(s) that you plan to sell at your stall. This also
includes how/where you get the supplies from)
o branding, packaging
o new products
– pricing : Explain how you are going to decide on pricing. If possible, estimate the price
range(s) of your product(s).
– marketing channels: Explain how the product(s) will be distributed or in other words where
the potential customers can get your product(s).
– promotions: Describe how you plan to inform the customers about your product(s) and
persuade them to buy from you instead from your competitors.

7. Budget Estimation