Global Challenge

There are a list of global challenges you can choose from and you will write a report based on your analysis of the challenge. The report will have 2 aspects to it.
First, you will provide a descriptive summary of the state of play for your challenge. This will require you to do some research on the nature of the problem and follow your global challenge in the news media.
Second, focus on answering the following questions as much as possible. Not all will be relevant for all the challenges. Pick a few that applies to your choice.
What is the problem?
Why is it a challenge?
Who does it affect?
What is being done to address the challenge?
o What are states doing?
o What are non state actors doing?
o Are current solutions working? If not, why?
What has happened regarding your global challenge recently?
Suggest policy solutions to the challenge.
Note: This assignment is not designed to test your understanding of international relations theories or conceptual frameworks of any kind. It is instead meant to test your ability to analyze contemporary global challenges and/or your capacity to produce tangible policy formulations and recommendations.