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Watch and take notes on Dr. John Sanford’s November 2018 45 min. presentation to the National Institute of Health on , plus the 20+ questions and answers that follow.

Answer the following questions:

Name 2 famous geneticists who expressed grave concerns about the effects of mutation accumulation on human fitness.
According to Haldane, what is the theoretical maximum rate of mutations we can sustain and still survive indefinitely?
What did Kimura’s graduate student convince Dr. Kimura about the true nature of “neutral mutations”?
What software did Dr. Sanford use to simulate the effects of mutation and natural selection upon human fitness?
What evidence did Dr. Sanford provide that indicates mutation accumulation is driving the human race toward extinction?
What did Dr. Sanford suggest to be our best plan at slowing the rate of loss of human fitness?
In the Q & A session, Dr. Sanford’s claim that mutation accumulation is rapidly leading the human race toward extinction. What observation and assumption did they base their claim on?
In your opinion, which do you think is more reliable: (A) Dr. Sanford’s evidence that mutation accumulation is degenerating the human race or (B) mutation + natural selection have given rise to and sustained complex life forms for hundreds of millions of years?