Ford Pinto “Project Management” Case Study

This is NOT an ethics-based case study. This case study is intended to be a review of the project management issues that led to its failure and resulting impacts.

This Case Study needs to address in detail:

– What is this case study about (Ford Pinto etc.)
– Why was this case noteworthy (why was it important)?
– What was the impact and who was affected?
– What was learned from this event?
– How did it change policies, attitudes, procedures going forward?

– What were the causes of the failure(s)?
– How did the organization and the relationship between external players (i.e. government regulators) contribute to the accident?
– What was the extent of the damage and the severity of the incident?
– What may have been done to prevent it or minimize its effect?

Each topic needs to be answered/addressed (Most Important).