Five components of an information system and their importance

A title page
A transmittal letter addressed to your boss (your instructor), which should have a summary section to introduce yourself and the purpose of the report, a background section to explain what prompted this report, a details section that summarizes the reports major findings/conclusions, and an action section that invites the reader to do something with the report and/or provides ways to contact you for more discussion of the report or its implementation
A table of contents
An executive summary
4-7 pages of discussion (introduction, discussion sections, and conclusion/recommendations)
A works cited (MLA) or references (APA) page with 4-8 sources appropriate for a professional audience (Be sure to use these sources and provide appropriate MLA or APA in-text citations for these sources in the discussion section too!)
At least 1 appendix
At least 1 technical illustration, such as a chart, graph, or image, that you created (i.e., not an image copy/pasted from another source)***
***The technical illustration should be in the body of the report and not in the appendix. Both the technical illustration and the appendix must have textual references included, such as Appendix A shows or Figure 1 demonstrates
The Week 7 business report should be 4-7 pages (from the first page of the introduction to the last page of the conclusion/recommendations sections, so this page count does not include the cover letter, table of contents, appendix, etc.).
Use SINGLE spacing for all business writing, including this report!
The Week 7 business report must be professionally formatted as demonstrated in this Pearson Business Report Sample (the sample report begins on page 208).
Purpose and Audience: The audience are professional adult coworkers (but the transmittal letter is addressed to your supervisor). The purpose is to provide a detailed manual of communication advice concerning your chosen topic.