Finding Sources and Creating a Bibliography

Youve already completed an essay describing the challenges facing a specific category of students as they attempt to complete college. In this next step, we will find potential sources to help back up and support the claims in your essay.

The first step of research is to identify a question you hope to answer in your essay. Your research question should ask what strategies, characteristics, behaviors, support systems, financial aid, etc. contribute to the success of the type of college student that you wrote your persuasive essay about in Unit #3.

Use the following questions to narrow the search and find sources; then, create a list of citations for the sources for a bibliography due for this assignment. Also, download and view the example bibliograhy.

What is your research question?
What is your working thesis statement, based off of your research question?
What keywords can you use for your search?
Looking at a list of your librarys research databases by subject, identify a subject area that might be appropriate for finding articles for your research. Which subject area or areas will you search?
Now imagine that you want to find a newspaper article in the New York TImes or Wall Street Journal in order to research a sense of the most recent news on your topic (perhaps a local story or interview). Searching your librarys databases by format, name a database that would be helpful for this research task.
Using your colleges library website, view tutorials they provide about how to navigate and use the Research Databases available to you. Use the library database and EBSCO Search to find two resources that apply to your research question. Write a paragraph about each result describing what you found and how relevant it is to your search topic. (Be sure to copy the citation from the database’s source citation tool or use a program, such as NooddleTools or EasyBib, to help keep track of your sources!).
Use the bibliography or works cited section from one of the two sources above to find another source related to your topic.