Film Assessment Essay – Movie Name is Life As We Know It.

4-5 Typed Pages, approximately 1500 words. Any Sources used must be DIRECT QUOTES, MLA Format,Choose a film and develop a well-structured essay. Include Thesis that makes overall judgment about the effectiveness /significance of the film. Include plot summary (one paragraph max), plot critique, analysis of three majorthemes/message/social commentaries, analysis of three aspects of film-making, specific evaluation of two actorsperformances, or other aspects of the film whichare especially relevant. Support your analyses with specific examples andevidence from the film. (See detailed guidelines in syllabus) Sources must be underlined in essay and Works Cited toensure they are complete (See #27 and #28 in Checklist). (See paragraph model in syllabus)Format: (See guidelines for submitting Turnitin copies in syllabus)_______ 1) Typed, double-space in 12 pt font, and was submitted to Turnitin as a Word Document_______ 2) Hard-copy Turnitin scan of essay is submitted here, including match pages at the end_______3) Two sentences (bare minimum) in each paragraph must not be quotes or paraphrases _______ 4) Sufficient length (should be 1500 words minimum)Structure and Focus :________5)Introduction/Hook is effective________6)Thesis provides an overall judgment/evaluation about the effectiveness and significance of the film________7) Topic sentences in body paragraphs specify paragraph content________8A) Conclusion is sufficient and effective reiterates overall judgment, with final perspective/comment ________8B) Provides one-paragraph plot summary, which is not excessive________8C) Sufficientplot critique/Evaluation________ 8D Evaluates 3 Major Themes/messages/social commentaries in Film, per assignment________8E) Evaluates 3 aspects of film-making, per assignment________8G) Evaluates 2 actors with specific examples (or animated characters voices/expressions)________8H) Any Research Sources used are direct quotesDevelopment:________9) Specific paragraphs (each paragraph should be less than 2/3 of page max)(Indent paragraphs, dont skip lines between them)_______ 10) Paragraphsare clear, distinct, andfocused, integrating related ideas in compelling manner, using appropriate transitional words and phrases where needed._______ 11A) Details/ Analyses/Supporting sentences are sufficient – support thesis & topic sentences _______ 11B) Criteria are logically and consistently applied_______ 11C) Examples are used when necessary_______ 11D) Definitions are used to clarify topic when necessary_______ 12) Focus of Essay is appropriate and does not go off-track or contain unrelated/unnecessary material _______ 13) Transitions effectively differentiate paragraphs and topics Usage :_______ 14) Tense is consistent/logical (should not switch back and forth in appropriately)_______ 15) Direct Quotes are correctly punctuated (if used)_______ 16) Dialog – punctuation/structure is clear/correct (if used). _______17) Sentence Structure conforms to grammar of Standard Written English._______ 18) Grammar / / Usage / Punctuation is correct and effective_______ 19) Sentencesare clearand logical, well-paced, and avoid needless repetition_______ 20)Diction (Word choice) is appropriate for subject matterIf SOURCES USED – MLA FORMAT : MUST BE DIRECT QUOTES ONLY / NO PARAPHRASES ________21) Sourcesprovide specific data________22) Source Datais Adequate / Reliable / Current ________23) Correct In-Text Citations (Cite by Author if available, if not by title or short form, etc)________24) Correct Works Cited List (Hanging indent, article titles in quotes, alphabetical, etc)_______ 25) CorrectLong Quote Format (if more than 4 lines, indent 2 tabs/left justify, cite after period)________26)EVERYIN-TEXTCITATIONHASACORRESPONDING WORKS CITEDENTRYANDVICEVERSA________27)*Each in-text citation is underlined to prove it has been corresponding Works Cited entry________28)*Each Works Cited entry is underlined to prove it has a corresponding In-text citation* Okay to underline #27 and #28 by hand