External Analysis on Competitive Advantage for IBM IT Company

Write on IBM as a company and what strengths and weakness they have.

State the problem or issue (It is expected that you write: This paper will attempt to solve the following problem or issue: (state the problem)…
Summarize and introduce

What is the environment? Culture? Socio/Political/Economic factors?
Establish an understanding of the organization: outside research
Alternatives (TWO or more). (this section is extremely important!!!!!!)
Explain possible options

Why are these alternatives possible or not possible?

What are the obstacles?

Are there outside forces at play?

Proposed Solution

Decide on one solution

Provide support

Explain your reasoning!!!!!!!!!

Did you do outside research?

Can you support your solution with real-world experience?

How will your solution be implemented?
Is there an action plan?
Who should be tasked with these steps?

Current APA citations
Current APA format
Title page
References and citations in current APA format
3 pages (not including title and reference pages)