Examine individual, school, and community-level factors that can lead to/explain school violence.

Answer the following questions

1. Examine individual, school, and community-level factors that can lead to/explain school violence.
Minimum word count: 500

2. There are five different types of intervention with street gangs: (1) suppression, (2) social intervention, (3) organizational changes and development, (4) community organization, and (5) opportunities provision. Describe and examine each approach. In your opinion, which approach would work best for juvenile gangs? Explain.Minimum Word Count: 750

3. Describe routine activity theory. What are the major criticisms of this theory? How can individuals use routine activity theory to decrease their chances of becoming victimized? Minimum Word Count: 750

4. What are the explanations for why most gangs are racially homogenous and the corresponding violence intra-racial?Minimum Word Count: 300

5. What explanations for violence best describe why the individuals in “American History X” (Youtube or Netflix) perpetrated violence?Minimum Word Count: 500

6. Review the risk factors and motivations for gang membership. Why do the motivations differ for men and women? How can we counteract these risk factors? Minimum Word Count: 500

7. Describe Blalock’s minority group threat. Besides hate crimes, what can minority group threat explain? Minimum word count: 250

8. 1) As evidenced from “CRIME DETERRENCE: EVIDENCE FROM THE LONDON 2011 RIOT”, did the harsh punishments
result in deterrence? Explain.
2) Why was there a change in the composition of the types of crimes being committed in the post-riot period?
Minimum Word Count: 250

9. Match the street gang intervention with the corresponding example.

Suppression _____

Social _____



Opportunities provision____

A. arrest, incarceration, and other forms of criminal justice
B. streetworker efforts & religious conversions
C. special gang units in a police department
D. involving parents and families and building trust
E. job training and education

10. As noted in Helter Skelter, the killings were at the time the most publicized murder case in American history. What characteristics made it so sensational? What were some of most important findings in the investigation?