Evaluation Context Worksheet and Individual Final Paper: Agency-Based Evaluation Proposal

A Worksheet has to be completed and separate from the paper : This worksheet is intended to help you prepare for your Agency-Based Evaluation Proposal. The answers to the questions (below) will serve as the foundation for the assignment sections on the description of your agency, context, and stakeholders. This worksheet will also help you hone in on a needed and feasible evaluation focus and question. Proper citations rules apply. That is, any information that is not original needs to be cited and put in direct quotes (if applicable).

Individual Paper: The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a proposal for a process or outcome
evaluation that could be implemented at your field placement. Please structure your paper
as outlined below and include the headers in your paper. Each section contains questions
for you to consider as you develop your proposal. Please use these questions as
guidelines to ensure that you cover all aspects of an effective evaluation plan.