Europe’s Population Decline Forum

1. Europe’s Population Decline Forum 15

Today you will discuss your thoughts about whether or not Europe’s population decline is a problem.
For this assignment you are required to post original post that is at least 150 words.

2. Regional Fertility Transition Forum 14
In this forum, you should present to your group a coherent 1-2 paragraph description of the fertility data for Turkey. Be sure to include at least 3 different measures related to fertility. You should use this data to assess where you think your country is in the fertility transition. Make sure you explain your reasoning in your post. Your original post should be a minimum of 150 words.

3. Analyzing Irans Fertility Decline 16
This assignment is about applying theory to real life. It requires you to analyze the role that various proximate determinants of fertility played in Iran’s fertility decline.
For this assignment you need read Iran Achieves Replacement Level Fertility.
Then write about which proximate determinants played an important role Iran’s fertility decline. You may also want to discuss a few that were discussed as not playing an important role. When discussing the proximate determinants you should do more than simply list them. Instead, explain how they worked in the Iranian example.