Ethics working in a pharmacy Substance Abuse and Ethics

WK 3 – DISCUSS – Substance Abuse and Ethics **Multiple Due Dates**
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Ethics are defined as “moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.” Consider the following scenarios:

Working as a pharmacy technician in a community setting, you find out that a supervisor was under the influence while working.
Working as a pharmacy technician in a health-system setting, you discover that a coworker is diverting (stealing) controlled substances to sell outside the pharmacy.
To Post:
What would you do in the first scenario? Why? (Be specific)
What would you do in the second scenario? Why? (Be specific)
How can these scenarios impact the quality of patient care?
To Respond:
Do you agree with how your classmate would handle the scenarios? Why or why not?
Ask a follow-up question to further the discussion.
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