Ethics, Healthcare and Accounting

Please read the following articles:

1. Why Heathcare Rationing is a Growing Reality for Americans

2. Ethics and the Reality of Rationing in Medicine

3. Your choice: Please locate and properly cite a third article on ethics, business, and healthcare (+1 bonus point if it is very accounting-related) and weave it in to the paper, below.

Write a reaction paper to what you have read, imagining that the president of your company has asked for you to read, analyze and give an executive summary over the material you have read. This should be a fully structured paper, not just a series of answered questions. In your reaction paper, I would like you to consider and respond to the following ethical questions/statements from your point of view of where you are CURRENTLY in your profession as well as where you ASPIRE to be in the future (for example – you are a law student now, but you may be a healthcare attorney in the future; you are a nurse now, but you may be a floor supervisor or VP of Nursing in the future):

1. Each of the articles should be summarized within your paper, but they don’t have to have separate summary paragraphs. Weave them into the story you’re telling or the point you are making.

2. Many healthcare companies, including doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals are private and public businesses. How does consideration of who gets what healthcare collide with business goals of profitable growth for the owners/shareholders?

3. Was there anything you found particularly surprising?

4. If you are in a dual degree, how does the “business” part of your joint degree conflict with the other part of your degree? For those of you who are MBA only, how does the “business and next-level management” part of your degree conflict with your role today?

INSTRUCTIONS: Your paper should be between 2 full pages and 4 full pages, single spaced, 12 point font, times new roman, 1″ margins. Please do not go over four pages. Business writing must be concise. You may be (or may already be) writing for the next level management or even executive management. They have enormous demands on their time, so making your point with as few words as possible is a fantastic skill to have. Fully cite your sources using APA 7; this is a great online resource at Purdue, if you do not have the latest APA handbook available. ( Please read the rubric prior to beginning your paper so you know how you will be evaluated.