Ethical Issues in College Athletes (Final Case Study)

The capstone project for the course is a paper of 2,000 2,500 words, in the style of a research article. The sections should include: Introduction, Review of the Literature, Discussion, Recommendations.

Purpose: This is a set of guidelines for how to read and evaluate your assigned case study.

Description: You will choose one of several cases and analyze it through the prism of the material we have covered so far in class, using theory and evaluative frame. Produce a 2,000-2,500 word paper in APA Style analyzing the case.


– Read your case straight through.

– Read it a second time, paying close attention to the theoretical framework visible in the case. Note that theories will not be called out specifically in the text, but implied via the situation and actions of the actors in the case.

– Decide on an evaluative frame Will you analyze the case through a critical, post-positive or interpretive perspective? Will you contrast different ways of looking at the case?

– Conduct a limited review of the scholarly literature on the issue or problem at hand (crisis communication, change management, strategic communication issues) and take note of what the existing research says. Capture citations and a few illustrative sentences to include in your discussion post.

– Examine the case through the prism of the material we have covered in the text and in class. How is communication being used? Offer examples from the case in your paper.