Equitable Health Care Position Statement and Elevator Speech:

The purpose of this assignment is to empower graduate nursing students to advocate, influence policy, inform others, and develop public speaking skills.

1-Choose a US population with a health disparity or problem. Justify why you selected this population. (10 points)
2-Identify the health disparity or problem pertinent to your chosen population. (10 points)
3-Describe the significance of the health disparity or problem and its impact on this population. (20 points)
4-Provide evidence including statistical data to support #3 via a review of the literature (KU Library), web links shared in this course, and resources you locate in your own searches. (20 points)
5-Explain the position held by a professional nursing organization such as the American Nurses Association or American Association of Colleges of Nursing or American Association of Nurse Practitioners relative to this problem or disparity. (10 points)
6-Compose your own position statement to include why you believe it is important to advocate for this population, health disparity, or problem. (10 points) = 80 points
7-APA Format
8-5 pages Limit excluding title and reference page
9-Include Supplement: Elevator Speech