ephemeral art

Pick a topic for your parade float by choosing ONE (1) of the following themes:

Passage of Time – Months of the Year – Days of the Week – Hours of the Day – Temperature – The Four Seasons – Natural Elements – Forces of Nature – Cycles of Life – Growth vs. Decay – The Five Senses – Human Emotions

Step 2. Think about how the theme you chose could be represented and expressed through the use of temporary or changing materials (and other elements) to express this theme. Click the link below to see a list of suggested ephemeral materials that you might consider using for your parade float design.

Step 3. Design your parade float by using PowerPoint or another computer program OR by drawing, painting, or creating a collage by hand. Be creative and use your imagination! “Anything goes” in terms of the design for your creation.

Step 4. Compose a brief description (100 words minimum) of the theme you chose, how you chose to represent it, the materials used, and how the concept and materials you chose relate to the idea of ephemerality. If you used PowerPoint or Word, include this description in a textbox caption added to the slide showing your design.